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Digital product development

We design and develop custom digital products. Custom solutions are needed when boxed solutions are not suitable for one reason or another.

Develop interfaces, focusing on ReactJS, NextJS, GatsbyJS.

Develop software solutions, focusing on Ruby on Rails.

Integrate IT-systems (uploads to trading platforms, setting up data exchange between internal systems of the company, etc).

Core technologies: HTML, CSS, SASS, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, NextJS, Webpack, Babel, React Native, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, RSpec, GraphQL, Docker. Interested in virtual reality.

frontend tech

ReactJS, NextJS, GatsbyJS

We use ReactJS and related technologies.

backend tech

Ruby on Rails

We love Rails. It's wholistic, takes care of productivity, and allows you to develop complex projects.

Full development cycle

In an effort to improve product quality, we have gradually come to a full development cycle:

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    Analysis and design.

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    Functionality development.

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    Testing, documenting.

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    CI / CD, DevOps.

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